Why should you use B&X
to clean your home?

Your house has particular requirements, just like any other house, and we pay close attention to your needs and draw on our vast expertise in working with homes of all sizes to design a unique solution you can be confident in.

House cleaning services completed by a team can be ordered when moving house, and this can be ordered as a pre or post-occupancy cleaning to ensure you move to a clean and tidy home, or you can leave the house you are moving to in a clean condition for the new owner or tenant. When you need a routine spring-cleaning of your home, our professional team can clean every nook and cranny of the house. After a renovation or construction project, housekeeping service and post-construction cleaning can be requested.

Because we don’t charge any extra fees. What you contracted is what you pay

Indoor and outdoor furniture cleaning can be included in our cleaning packages.

Your expectations will be exceeded by professional floor cleaning services. Home and business owners can rest assured that their floors are being cleaned and waxed to perfection. These floor waxing services have all the necessary equipment to give your floor a clean appearance and a like-new shine.


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