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At B&X Cleaning Company LLC, we are the preferred Cleaning Services in McHenry County, IL and the surrounding areas for commercial cleaning services. Your choice for a trustworthy, effective, and safe means of keeping your office, or commercial facility clean and shining. 


A clean and neat floor makes a business look more professional and more inviting for your customers, they will feel more comfortable visiting a business that reflects professionalism in every way. And our cleaning service is the best way to achieve it!

Hire Professionals To Do A Fantastic Job You Will Not Regret

Don’t let dirt and sand in high-traffic areas make your business floors look bad as they can scratch or dull your floors and eventually damage them. To ensure professional cleaning on the floors of your business, hire the services offered by B&X Cleaning Company LLC. Floors should be given a deep cleaning and quality wax to keep them looking professional and shiny and free from daily wear and tear. If you want deep cleaning and hire professionals. 

Our professional and experienced cleaning staff gets the job done right the first time, giving you peace of mind that your office and other buildings will always look their best and leave a good first impression on your clients.

The Services We Offer Are:

Office Cleaning

Commercial Cleaning

Janitorial Services

Deep Cleaning

Regular Cleaning

Floor Waxing

Carpet Cleaning

Area Rugs Cleaning

Don’t Let Cleaning

Get In The Way Of Your Work

Because it saves money, several small companies think it’s a good idea to use their current staff members to clean their facilities. However, any financial advantages in such a plan are greatly overshadowed by the amount of time that these employees will “waste” when they have to interrupt their work to clean the office. Employee productivity suffers when they are forced to start and stop projects throughout the week due to their cleaning schedule. This ultimately results in deadline extensions and other things. Your staff will have more time to work on their more significant assignments if you hire B&X Cleaning Company LLC to take care of your commercial building cleaning.

A full-time janitorial staff on your payroll, whether it consists of one or several employees, raises your costs for employee benefits, taxes, and other expenses. These costs, however, are not associated with the services of a commercial cleaning company. Businesses that hire us are not burdened with the costs of other full-time or part-time employees. B&X Cleaning Company LLC, like other cleaning companies, is an independent contractor with insurance, employees, payroll, and other responsibilities. You only need to pay our flat fees, and there are no hidden costs associated with workers’ compensation insurance, retirement plans, or anything else.

Our Professional Cleaning Services are The Best In Town

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June 13, 2024


I’d like to write an article for anyone who is thinking of moving to another city or state. I’ll emphasize how to get familiar with a new environment in this post, covering the costs, closeness to, and availability of services such as home services, groceries, rent/mortgage, schooling, extracurriculars, gyms, parks, indoor leisure for kids, and so on.

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Suzie Wilson

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Suzie Wilson

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April 6, 2024


I’d like to write an article for your website if you’re open to it.

The article will be geared toward those who are living on their own for the first time and will offer tips that vary from what to look for in a new place (home, condo, apartment, etc) to how to settle in to locating a reliable house cleaning service to handle weekly cleaning duties.

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Keeping a clean, organized home doesn’t have to be difficult.

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Shirley Martin

Raul Rescued My Carpet from a trip to the dumpster!!!

June 21, 2023

He came, he cleaned and he conquered, years of staining and a very sick senior doggy who left dozens of soiled spots everywhere. I really thought that was it for my carpet but I was amazingly proven wrong through the high quality of workmanship displayed by Raul, he rescued my carpet from a trip to the dumpster!

Garry W Humphrey

BEST cleaning company!!

June 16, 2023

From customer service to end of job, everything was great! They deep cleaned all our flooring (carpet, hard wood and tile) before we moved in. Highly recommend B&X cleaning!


No Title

April 11, 2023

New Lead: Hi, my name is Joshua and I created an awesome software that is amazing at generating appointments and leads for commercial cleaning companies with automation, the software program is called and the reason it is amazing for cleaning companies, because it gives you the ability to contact any type of business in your area, without needing to know their email address. It is Guaranteed to get your message into the inbox of the business, with an unbeatable Guaranteed 50% open-rate of your message, The price is $99/per month + $0.10/per Business Contacted, contact unlimited types of businesses, office buildings, medical buildings, dentists, restaurants, etc.. Contact unlimited locations, cites, zipcodes, or counties, any location. So for example for $250 you can contact 2,500 businesses in your area, and only deal with the ones that are interested in cleaning and set up an appointment. This Contact Form submission you are reading right now is an example of the what does, which is proof evidence that it gets into your inbox, you opened it, and gets your attention. Try there is a video explanation on the homepage

Joshua Cohen

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Domeny Tool
Domeny Tool
April 3, 2023
Very professional, polite, on time, and does a good job. If we ask for something to be done it is taken care of without questions. So far, we are satisfied with our service.
Tacie DiTallo
Tacie DiTallo
March 31, 2023
Raul does such an awesome job & is always so friendly! Highly recommend using B & X Cleaning :)

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